Suicide Squad

Rocksteady Is Apparently Developing A Suicide Squad Game For Next Gen

We reported yesterday that WB Games had registered two domain names in relation to a new Batman game and a Suicide Squad game, before reveals at August’s DC Fandome.

Eurogamer is now reporting that the Suicide Squad game is called ‘Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League’ and is being developed by Rocksteady. Rocksteady’s last game (Batman: Arkham Knight was released over five years and it hasn’t been known what they’ve been working on since.

Eurogamer has stated that both the Batman game as well as Suicide Squad will release on next-gen consoles. They go on to report that we will see both games in August, but Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad game is further behind than Batman: Gotham Knights.

Suicide Squad And Batman Gotham Knights Game Domains Have Been Registered

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