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Xbox Tweeted Shade At The PS5 Needing A Stand Then Deleted It

The PS5 teardown was released last night, and it was revealed that not only does the PS5 need a stand in both vertical/horizonal positions, it actually needs a screw to keep it in place, which is probably a little more effort than we initially though.

In a now deleted Tweet, Xbox UK tweeted out images of the Xbox Series X in both the vertical and horizontal positions along with the caption “how to switch the Xbox Series X from vertical to horizontal”.

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It’s a bit of a weird one. Obviously, someone at Xbox was trying to be quick on their feet and replicate the ‘how to trade games on the PS4’ video, but given the Xbox Series X does have a stand for its vertical position (that can’t be removed), it does feel a little bit odd to poke fun at the PS5 for this.

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