PS5 Faceplate

The First Custom PS5 Faceplates Have Arrived And They Look Bloody Nice

PlateStation5 has created the first line of unofficial PS5 faceplates. This comes off the back of the PS5 teardown that confirmed that the PS5 faceplates would easily snap off.

They’re suggesting that they’ll be ready to ship on either November 12th or before, and will come in Matte Black, Cherry Red, Chromatic Silver, Indigo Blue and Jungle Camo. Honestly, I’d happily take all five of these to snap onto my PS5, but that Matte Black one looks mighty tasty.

They’ll set you back about $56 AUD and there’s free worldwide shipping, so it’s actually fairly reasonable if you’re willing to change out the stock standard white PS5 shell. You can check out the entire range HERE. Obviously, nobody has actually had the chance to test these yet (and it’s a new brand all together), so it’s your call on whether you want to buy one before others receive them.

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PS5 Faceplate PS5 Faceplate PS5 Faceplate PS5 Faceplate PS5 Faceplate