Spider-Man Miles Morales Brick

This Spider-Man PS5 Brick Glitch Is One Of The Best Glitches I’ve Ever Seen

Seeing glitches for new release video games hit the internet is one of my favourite things but this one takes the cake.

Twitter User Rob Sheridan was playing Spider-Man Miles Morales on PS5. He says that he collided with a brick before becoming, Spider-Brick. For the next minute or so, he plays through the game web slinging from building to building as a literal brick.

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He says that when he tried to enter a fight, he became a cube, and the game crashed. Sadly, Spider-Brick was no more, bringing Miles back into frame.

I’ve seen a few of these glitches for Miles Morales. In another video, a player essentially became invisible, swinging from building to building without a character.

Also, Spider-Lamp.

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