Demon Soul's Door

Demon’s Souls Has A Mysterious Locked Door And Nobody Knows How To Unlock It

According to reports from players, the gorgeous Demon’s Souls remaster has a brand new feature, not found in the original game.  It seems that players have discovered a mysterious locked door while exploring the world of Boletaria but nobody knows what the heck it’s for or how to unlock it.

Some have theorised that it’s simply FromSoft messing with players while others have suggested that the other side of the door can be found in the Cathedral Ward of Bloodborne, though this particular door was only ever closed to players but never locked. The latter theory, however charming, has unfortunately been already debunked by a clever Reddit user who managed to use photo mode to see through the puzzling door.

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Has anyone figured out how to get past the illusory wall locked door in 1-3? from demonssouls

By doing so, author Cosmic-Vagabond discovered that on the other side of the door is a terrace with a dead knight and an unidentified collectable item.  This isn’t the first time Bluepoint Games, the developer of the remaster, have tested players with seemingly meaningless features. In their previous remaster of Shadow of the Colossus, the developer input 79 collectable coins that were not found in the original game. By collecting all of these coins, players unlocked a hidden room in the Shrine of Worship where the high powered Sword of Dormin was contained.

Perhaps there is something similar behind this locked door but we until somebody figures out how to get onto the private terrace, we’ll just have to keep speculating for now.

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