The Black PS5 Sale Was An Absolute Disaster With All Orders Cancelled

Last week we wrote about 304 custom Black PS5s that were being sold by console modder SUP3R5 and it turned out to be an absolute disaster.

The units had sold out in less than 15 minutes, and they only lasted so long due to issues on the website with SUP3R5 struggling to cope with the demand. Users were being charged with no order confirmation and units also quickly appeared on the likes of eBay.


As noted by VGC, the company posted a statement on its Twitter account (which has now been completely deleted) firstly saying that they were embarrassed in how it had played out. This quickly turned with them stating that the team has received credible threats to their safety which has resulted in all orders being cancelled and fully refunded.

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This doesn’t surprise me, but the whole situation is a little bit confusing. Whilst there’s no evidence of anything too sinister on SUP3R5’s behalf, they had to know that there would be significant demand for these units and that there wasn’t a lot that they could do to stop them ending up on reseller sites.

It’ll be interesting to see if these pop up at a later date, or if Sony does release black PS5s at some point (it’d be great to see any stock at all at this point).

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