The New Gift Wrapped PS5 DualSense Controller Is Extremely Random

A friend sent me this as a woke up today and I genuinely had to look twice.

Whilst Xbox is out here making all kinds of custom controllers + consoles, the latest DualSense controller is just a plain old white one with a red ribbon on the box. Initially, I thought that JB had placed the DualSense in some kind of gift section, but nope, this is new packaging as designed by PlayStation.

I kind of get the reason for it existing in the lead-up to Christmas, but at the same time there’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that the PS5 (and Xbox Series X) are going to be an even hotter commodity this Christmas with next to no stock in sight.

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The kicker is that for whatever reason, this gift wrapped PS5 controller is currently $10 more than a standard white one at JB Hi-Fi. Maybe it’ll be a collector’s item?

It’s out on October 29th for those that are collector’s of all PS5 controller boxes, or those that just want to provide someone a nice gift to someone. You can find the listing HERE.

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