EB Games Stores Are Taking PS5 Pre-Orders Again Right Now

This is a bit unsuspected. EB Games has announced that as of 9am this morning, they are taking PS5 pre-orders in-store only. These will be delivered in mid-November to December.

This is a bit odd considering EB Games had sent text messages to those who had pre-ordered PS5 units in August yesterday to inform them that their consoles had been delayed until 2022 (for digital pre-orders) or that they could shift to a physical PS5 pre-order which would arrive in December.

Obviously, EB Games has said that it’s one per person, and it’s probably worth calling your local store first before heading in (if you can get through).

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If you’re trading in a PS4 Pro, you can get the PS5 for $499 (or even cheaper if  you’re an EB World Level 4 member).

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