PlayStation Has Acquired Haven Studios

Even as the dust is still settling on PlayStation’s acquisition of Bungie two months ago, PlayStation is continuing to add to their first-party ranks and has acquired Haven Studios, the team led by industry-heavyweight Jade Raymond.

In a post on the PlayStation blog, head of PlayStation Studios Herman Hulst welcomed the team officially into the stable of studios, almost a year after the partnership between the two to create a “modern multiplayer experience that brings gamers together in positive and meaningful ways”.

In a statement within the same blog post, Jade Raymond states that the team’s “first new IP for PlayStation is on track to deliver a AAA multiplayer experience with a vision to build a systemic and evolving world focused on freedom, thrill, and playfulness that will keep players entertained and engaged for years.”

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When you view the acquisition of Bungie within this context, it’s clear PlayStation are driving at synergy within their studios and we’re keen to see what Haven Studios deliver.