Saints Row Customisation

There’s A Saints Row Customisation Showcase Happening Next Week

Customisation galore!

Announced this morning, Volition is expected to go in-depth on the new Saints Row’s customisation options in a showcase next week.

We haven’t heard much from the reboot since its delay from February this year into August, but it’s good to know we’re going to get a look at just how wild players can get when it comes to creating their very own boss.

The fact that Volition is dedicating an entire showcase to showing off their customisation tools suggests to me that they’re probably going to set a new standard for the series itself, if not the open-world action genre.

The stream is going to be hosted by Mica Burton, formerly of Rooster Teeth, and is set to premiere in the early hours of Thursday morning, April 21, at 5am AEDT.

Saints Row is expected to launch on August 23, 2022.