Silent Hill

The First New Silent Hill Game Screenshots And Info Might Have Leaked

One of two new SIlent Hill games

It feels like we’ve been waiting for the two rumoured Silent Hill games to be announced for the better part of three years, but this might be the first concrete information that we have about one of the new games.

It’s unclear if this is the Silent Hill that is in development by Bloober Team or another studio, but screenshots and information have been leaked by Dusk Golem who is known for revealing information about several Resident Evil games prior to announcement.

There’s four screenshots that have been posted that are all from 2020 (when the new Silent Hill game rumours started appearing), which means that they’re likely quite outdated at this point. As far as game information goes, SMS messages will apparently feature in the gameplay and there will be characters named “Anita and Maya”. Dusk once again confirms that this isn’t the only Silent Hill game in development.

At this point, it’s hard to even try and speculate on when we’d see this game announced, but if this game has been being worked on since 2020, I can’t imagine we wouldn’t see it get announced this year or early next at the absolute latest.

The hype for Silent Hill has been real for years, so it’s going to have to make a fairly big impact on announcement.