Street Fighter 6 Will Reportedly Include Rollback Netcode And Cross-Platform Play

Great news for online players!

Street Fighter 6 has had quite the showing recently, debuting at last week’s State of Play and popping up again at Summer Game Fest.

Now, during a special in-person SGF event, press and content creators have been able to go hands-on with the game as well as speak directly to Capcom representatives,

Thanks to this, we’ve learned that Street Figher 6 will not only include rollback netcode (where the CPU can predict what moves are coming next in an online match to help mitigate the effects of lag) as well as cross-platform play. This is according to direct statements from Capcom to Gamespot’s Tamoor Hussain and streamer Maximilian Dood.

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Here’s the newest gameplay trailer for Street Fighter 6 featuring Guile: