Resident Evil Village DLC

The Resident Evil Village DLC Includes Shadows Of Rose Expansion And A Third Person Mode

Resident Evil Village Gold Edition

Capcom announced Resident Evil Village Gold Edition this morning. It’s out on October 28th and includes three pieces of content.

The first is an expansion called Shadows of Rose which takes place 16 years after Village and takes Ethan and Mia’s daughter Rose back to the Village. We didn’t get a whole lot of information, but it seems as though Rose will have an identical counterpart in her subconscious. The expansion takes place totally in third-person.

Resident Evil Village Expansion

The next part of the DLC is a third-person mode that will let you play through the entire game in third-person mode, which is set to to totally change the way we play this game.

There’s also new missions coming to Mercenaries including new playable characters and missions.