The Last Of Us Part 1

An Official 10 Minute The Last Of Us Part 1 Features And Gameplay Trailer Just Dropped


In the wake of several The Last Of Us Part 1 leaks over the last few days, Naughty Dog has now released a 10 minute The Last Of Us Part 1 walk through showing off new gameplay footage and features.

The walkthrough talks about how the game now seamlessly blends cutscenes and gameplay and also talks a lot about how the A.I has been improved to enable the enemies to talk to each other and be a lot smarter than they were in the original game. It also goes on to talk about how the buddies A.I have been improved to be a lot smarter.

Obviously, the walkthrough talks a lot about the world of the game and how everything has been created to improve lighting and the actual world. Obviously, things such as 3D Audio and the use of the DualSense controller have been talked about too.

The video also goes into new modes that have been added like a permadeath mode and speed run modes as well as a tonne more unlockable, so way more outfits for both Ellie and Joel and a model viewer.

Just like The Last Of Us Part 2, there’s also a lot more accessibility features which will lower the barrier of entry.

The Last Of Us Part 1 launches on September 2nd for PS5. The cheapest copy is currently $109 on Amazon.