Forspoken’s Latest 10 Minute Trailer Gives Us The Best Look At The Game Yet

Traversal, combat, and more!

Forspoken has experienced an interesting path to release already. With a couple of underwhelming presentations and a delay behind it, the team put a strong foot forward today in showing off ten minutes of gameplay.

To say it’s the best look at what the game is might be an understatement.

The trailer gives a much broader overview of what we’re to expect from this action role-playing game when we step into the shoes of Frey, a girl pulled from her regular, mundane life into a mystical land called Athia.

While we’re sure this isn’t the last lengthy trailer we’ll get, at least the vision of what Forspoken is as a game is starting to come together ahead of its launch next year.

Forspoken is now set to launch on January 24, 2023 for PC and PlayStation 5. The cheapest copy is currently $84 on Amazon.