New AFL Game Big Ant

Our First Look At The Next AFL Game Has Arrived

Big Ant is back!

Big Ant Studios announced that an early look at the next AFL game (which they’re developing for the first time since AFL Live) would appear at the MCG earlier today and remain there until Saturday morning and now the first gameplay footage has emerged courtesy of a member of the Big Footy forums.

The demo that is setup at the MCG showcases set goal kicking from the next game, with gamers able to take on the role of either Buddy Franklin or Patrick Dangerfield. As far as the set shot mechanics go, it does look quite different to the last game (which was developed by a different developer).


The game looks to be much more realistic that what we’ve seen before, with a noticeably different run up and kick for both players. As it’s been noted, this is still early in development with the release planned to be next year at this stage, but it’s really great that we’re getting a look at the game so early. There’s also apparently a trailer setup showing different elements of the game.

You can watch the videos below:



We’ll keep you posted as better footage comes in and we get more information about the game. We’d expect that a proper reveal isn’t too far away.