Horizon Zero Dawn REmake

A Horizon Zero Dawn Remaster/Remake Is Apparently On The Way And A New Multiplayer Game Too


Well, this is one that we didn’t see coming. Five years after its release, Sony is apparently working on a Horizon Zero Dawn Remake/Remaster.

As reported by MP1st (and corroborated by notable sources such as VGC and Lance McDonald), Sony is working on a new version or Horizon Zero Dawn that has “new character models, lighting and animations” its claimed. This will bring it in line with Horizon Forbidden West. It’s unclear if this is a remaster or a full remake.

It will also have new accessibility features, graphics modes and quality of life improvements to the actual gameplay.

The MP1st report also goes on to suggest that a Horizon multiplayer game is on the way for PS5 and PC, which makes sense as the Horizon franchise is very much being expanded on at the moment with a Horizon Zero Dawn Netflix show and a new VR game also on the way.

It’s unclear at this point if this will be a full $125 release like The Last Of Us: Part 1, but in the same light as that remake, it’s clear Sony want to show its games in the best light possible when their TV shows release and expose these franchises to new audiences.