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PlayStation Looks To Have Formed A New Studio With A Number Of Ex-Deviation Staff

A new PlayStation studio appears!

Deviation Games, which was started up back in 2021 by ex-Call of Duty developers Jason Blundell and Dave Anthony and was set to work on a new AAA PlayStation exclusive, found itself a casualty of the ongoing unrest in the games industry right now and shuttered before its debut project could even be revealed.

Now, it’s being reported that a number of former Deviation staff have rejoined to form a new studio, once again led by Jason Blundell, and this time as part of PlayStation’s own stable of studios.

The potential news was picked up on Resetera and shared on the “Gaming Leaks And Rumours” subreddit, after outspoken former Deviation technical director, Michael Anthony, commented on the potential new studio in a post on LinkedIn, which reads:

“Hey, I hear that a lot of previous Deviation Games employees have setup their own studio at Sony working on an undisclosed new IP.

“All the people I see working there that have signed up are top class developers and hope that you can create a top class new IP with your studio that hopefully gives you all the time you need to create a quality product and not have to deal with red tape from previous projects.

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“Best wishes, expecially [sic] if JB, AR, FT, MG, JS, KS and JC is involved

“Go go JB and do what yoiu do best”

Ex-Deviation Games Technical Director says that former colleagues have set up a new internal Sony studio (Led by Jason Blundel, new IP)
byu/Careless_Main3 inGamingLeaksAndRumours

Anthony had previously publicly criticised a portion of Deviation’s ex-leadership, suggesting that things weren’t entirely smooth at the studio before it was completely shut down. They seem to advocate quite positively for Blundell though, so with any luck this new outfit is a more constructive representation of the studio’s previous talent and better poised to deliver something exciting.

While nothing has been officially confirmed yet, some sleuthing from users did also turn up another reference to this new studio with at least one person saying they’d been hired at PlayStation and would be working under Blundell as recently as December last year: