Here’s A First Look At Concord’s Characters And Gameplay

Looks neat!

This morning saw the arrival of a big new PlayStation State of Play presentation, and with it a heap of new trailers and updates on games for PS5 and PS VR2, including some exciting stuff coming later this year.

One of the big updates comes from fresh PlayStation studio, Firewalk, with their upcoming 5v5 multiplayer FPS, Concord. We got a look at a flashy new CG trailer introducing some of the game’s eclectic cast of characters and world, but also a proper look at gameplay.

The narrative setup feels very Guardians of the Galaxy, while gameplay-wise it’s hard not to compare it to other multiplayer hero shooters. The team spoke about a few interesting inspirations though, like strategy games and fighting games. Visually, it’s quite a stunner as well, and hopefully these characters manage to endear themselves enough to get players invested.

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Take a look at the new reveal and gameplay trailers below:

There’s also a beat coming ahead of the games release on August 23rd for PS5 and PC.