Until Dawn’s PS5/PC Release Window Has Been Revealed Along With New Gameplay

Dawn but not forgotten.

This morning saw the arrival of a big new PlayStation State of Play presentation, and with it a heap of new trailers and updates on games for PS5 and PS VR2, including some exciting stuff coming later this year.

One of those updates was another look at the PS5 and PC version of the Supermassive Games’ much-loved PS4 horror title, Until Dawn. The game is being rebuilt in Unreal Engine 5 by the team at Ballistic Moon and will include new and improved animations to expand on the original character performances, as well as better looking character models, environments and VFX.

The studio has also added a full third-person camera, supported by new environmental work and added interactions and collectables.

The announcement didn’t give too much else away, aside from revealing that the game will launch in Spring 2024 for the two new platforms along with a short new gameplay trailer which you can check out below:

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The video description reads:

“When eight friends return to the isolated lodge where two of their group vanished a year prior, fear tightens its icy grip, and their mountain retreat descends into a nightmare with no escape.

“Face your fears and determine who survives Until Dawn in this seminal horror classic rebuilt and enhanced for PS5® consoles and PC.”