Uncharted Movie

An Uncharted Movie Sequel Is Officially In The Works

Drake Two.

Sony has confirmed that a sequel to 2022’s Uncharted live-action feature film is in the works, announced during a presentation of the company’s upcoming titles from president of international distribution, Steven O’Dell, at CineEurope 2024 this week (via Variety).

The first Uncharted movie, which starred Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg as Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan and managed to bag a cool $400 million USD, had already set the wheels in motion for a follow-up in its post-credits scene, and last year Wahlberg told The Direct that a script had already been written.

“I’ve heard lots of different ideas. I know somebody’s written a script, and they’re still working on it, and it would consist of having the mustache the whole entire time,” the Sully actor said at the time. “Which completely makes sense; obviously, in that final scene, I have the mustache.”

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While very little else has been said officially about the second Uncharted movie, aside from the confirmation this week that it’s happening, it’s been known that Sony wants to turn the movies into an ongoing thing. Hopefully, a sequel can turn around some of the distaste from critics over the first film, which currently holds a 40% critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Brodie scored the first Uncharted movie an unfortunate 5.5/10 in his review, saying, “As the first big tentpole for PlayStation Productions, Uncharted feels like an overconfident first step onto uneven ground. It isn’t likely to land for the series’ fanbase, and everything else it does is so ‘by-the-numbers,’ it becomes hard work to buy into the stakes, the spectacle, and the characters—which is surprising because Naughty Dog always made it seem effortless.”