Intel i9

Intel’s New 10th Generation Processors Are Available To Preorder In Australia Now

Intel has launched their new 10th generation processors today in Australia which are available for pre-order from retailers such as MWAVE. Let’s break down the different models available.

Dubbed the “the world’s fastest gaming processor”, the Intel Core i9 10900K Unlocked CPU Processor is the flagship processor of this lineup featuring a beasty 10-core processor with 3.70GHz based clock with a turbo boost of up to 5.3 GHz. Being the flagship model, the processor will set you back $999 AUD but if you’re looking for the crème de la crème from this line-up, look no further than this model.

If the Core i9 10900K is too much for you, the Intel Core i7 10700K and Intel Core i5 10600K models are also available as well as the respected F versions of the above models. F versions feature no integrated graphics meaning you’ll need a dedicated graphics card like an NVIDIA RTX card.

You can find the complete lineup below or head here to preorder CPUs over at MWAVE: 

Product Cores Base Frequency Price
Intel Core i9 10900K  10 / 20 Threads 3.70 GHz $999
Intel Core i9 10900KF  10 / 20 Threads 3.70 GHz $899
Intel Core i7 10700K 8 / 16 Threads 3.80 GHz $749
Intel Core i7 10700KF 8 / 16 Threads 3.80 GHz $699
Intel Core i5 10600K 6 / 12 Threads 4.10GHz $499
Intel Core i5 10600KF 6 / 12 Threads 4.10GHz $449
Intel Core i5 10400 6 / 12 Threads 2.90GHz $339
Intel Core i5 10400F 6 / 12 Threads 2.90GHz $299
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Intel i9

Some notable features of the new line-up: most of the 10th Gen processors support Hyper-Threading across the board including the Core i5 model where previously was only available on the Core i7 and i9 models. The new models also feature up to three different boosting algorithms and overclocking features as well as native support for DDR4-2933 and higher memory clocks across the board.

These new 10th gen processors use a new socket and chipset meaning if you’re looking to upgrade, you’ll need a brand new motherboard to support as well. Major brands such as MSI, ASUS and Gigabyte have already revealed their line-up of motherboards. You can check them out here.

Both the processors and motherboards will be available from May 21st 2020 in Australia. Due to the nature of the COVID situation, expect the stock to be even more limited than previous generation releases.

You can pre-order them now from MWAVE.COM.AU