LG’s QNED MiniLED TVs Are Set To Provide A Solid OLED Alternative

LG has teased its QNED line of Mini LED TVs ahead of CES next week.

The QNED line of TVs will LG’s top-end LCD offering with 10 TVs in both 4K and 8K models up to 86 inches. Mini/Micro LED TVs have been long awaited as they have the ability to provide an extremely bright picture but also great blacks thanks to a high amount of dimming zones. The benefit is that there’s still no risk to burn-in despite what are assumed to be near perfect blacks.

Whilst LG isn’t going into huge specifics for the entire range yet, the top-end 86 inch 8K QNED has 30,000 LEDs that can produce a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1. It also has nearly 2,500 dimming zones which is quite impressive (the top end QLED on the market only has about 120 dimming zones). We know that Samsung is also likely set to announce their consumer MiniLED TVs at CES next week as well (MicroLED is probably set to be a little while away yet).

LG isn’t saying if they deem QNED or OLED to be more high-end, but just saying that they deem this to be a very good alternative to their extremely popular OLED range.

We’ll be able to bring you more information on LG’s entire 2021 line-up of TVs as well as Samsung, Sony and Hisense 2021 TVs ranges when CES takes place next week.