EB Games Will Only Give You Today To Confirm Your Project Scorpio Pre-order

Wow, this is a messy situation! We’ve confirmed with JB Hi-Fi that Xbox One X Project Scorpio pre-orders are online only but the situation with EB Games has become quite confusing.

We can confirm that customers who have placed a deposit of $100 or more on the original Scorpio SKU are confirmed for a pre-order (this is was before the E3 announcement and the waitlist that followed).

Those that have less than the $100 deposit on the Project Scorpio pre-order will need to confirm by the end of today or go online or they will lose their pre-order. Those that have not yet placed a pre-order will not be able to pre-order in store today but will instead be put on a waitlist for the standard edition.

We’re also hearing that EB Games and JB Hi-Fi both have ridiculously low stock of the Project Scorpio edition

An email sent to those on the waitlist says:

“Confirm your preorder at your pre-order store by close of business today”