EB Games Will Only Give You Today To Confirm Your Project Scorpio Pre-order

Wow, this is a messy situation! We’ve confirmed with JB Hi-Fi that Xbox One X Project Scorpio pre-orders are online only but the situation with EB Games has become quite confusing.

We can confirm that customers who have placed a deposit of $100 or more on the original Scorpio SKU are confirmed for a pre-order (this is was before the E3 announcement and the waitlist that followed).

Those that have less than the $100 deposit on the Project Scorpio pre-order will need to confirm by the end of today or go online or they will lose their pre-order. Those that have not yet placed a pre-order will not be able to pre-order in store today but will instead be put on a waitlist for the standard edition.

We’re also hearing that EB Games and JB Hi-Fi both have ridiculously low stock of the Project Scorpio edition

An email sent to those on the waitlist says:

“Confirm your preorder at your pre-order store by close of business today”

  1. Sorry dont know if you have received the email yourself. I received the email today as a waitlist customer and in no way did it say that preorders had to be confirmed today or that was that. There was no deadline at all on the page, so you may want to edit your article, unless you have received it from a different source.

    1. I got the email at 07:50 this morning and it has “Confirm your preorder at your preorder store by close of business today. Strictly limited units. One per customer”. I did have over $100 down on the original SKU so maybe there was a different email for those preorders vs. people who signed up after the announce at E3 this year.

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