Rugby League Live 4 Is Getting A World Cup Edition

After releasing earlier this year, TruBlu and Big Ant have announced that a brand new version of Rugby League Live 4 is getting released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It’s to celebrate the ongoing World Cup, aptly titled Rugby League Live 4: World Cup Edition.

It doesn’t have a release date, which is kind of bizarre considering the World Cup is almost over, and it doesn’t appear to fix any of the gameplay issues that were present in the last game. Instead it will bring us a full 2017 World Cup Competition including new stadiums, as well as all of the 2017 fixtures. It’ll also introduce the World Cup Women’s teams.

Good news for those that already purchased the game as it’ll also be available for purchase as DLC.

The Facebook post on the Rugby League Live 4 page said:

Exciting News!! We have been been busy working on a new version of Rugby League Live 4 – World Cup Edition. Coming soon as a DLC add on for the existing Rugby League Live 4 game, or as a Full game for those who don’t have RLL4. Features include 2017 World Cup Competition, new Stadia, all the 2017 Fixtures and for the first time in a Rugby League game – the World Cup Women’s teams.

  1. Original message(s) sent to RLL4 facebook page after I went to address how update(s) have broken the game (more so), and they atarted reorting as spam and blocking to create a ruse and scam their customers – of whom I am one. Here is another submission they spammed….. But the righteous and the meek will prevail. As Big Ant are about to finally have their day in court. “Not spam. Is original message and 100% factual. If wasn’t why are you so worried?? Exactly, trying to conceal truth from customers. Will all be part of law suit and in the meantime I am contacting my peeps in the media (online and offline) who will be interested in your obviously disgraceful attitude and a slam dunk customer abuse story. They owe me a favour or two as well…. I might call that in. Wow… you have made this so, so much worse for yourself. Hope the Big Ant CEO backs the fact that you are the biggest reason the suit went ahead. Idiot. Original message marked a s spam which is not remotely, and I am customer: #Suethem. They are trying to fake spam and shut me out here on FBK. Why!? I have this game, it no longer plays, and I have clout and can expose them. So they try and silence me. It will merely become part of the law suit. You have cut off your nose to spite your ugly face Little Ant. Well done. Shot boys. See you on the inside of the court room…. and then maybe the inside of somewhere else. Defamation!? Think I’ll add that in for fake spamming me etc…. and for ruining my game which now crashes at career mode every time and which has removed the camera angle I play with by changing to horrendous angle and all in an update that I had no idea what it was and assumed would fix the game, vut instead RUINED it FURTHER!! ?????? True scum and appalling customer service / attitude. Time to be brought to your knees then. I’m your Huckleberry….. Even sending me abusive GIFs etc saying for me to fuck off and piss off etc, when every word have said is true. The updates have broken a game I paid $100 for, I bought two times their cricket and their last three league games too….. so they are literally shitting on one of their best cistomers, but some of you think they give two shits about you!?? They are abusive and horrific.”

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