Xbox Has Thrown Shade At The PlayStation And Nintendo Classic Mini

Earlier today, Sony announced that they were following in Nintendo’s foot steps and releasing a mini variation of their first console (the PlayStation 1). Sony has been criticised in the past for not making PS1/PS2/PS3 classics available on PS4.

Nintendo aren’t dissimilar, with them releasing mini versions of their consoles and coincidentally, just today charging for gamers to access NES games on the Nintendo Switch.

Well, Xbox has thrown a cheeky jab in the direction of their counterparts, reminding gamers that you can currently play more than 500 old school games on your Xbox One by either putting your original disc in, or purchasing the game.

There’s no denying that when it comes to making their games backwards compatible, nobody comes close to Microsoft at this point. Every month, more and more OG Xbox and Xbox 360 games are added to the Xbox One backwards compatibility service.

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