Hotline Miami Collection

Hotline Miami Collection Is Coming To Xbox One But Not In Australia

During Inside Xbox, it was announced that the Hotline Miami Collection would be seeing the light of day on Xbox at last.

The ultraviolent top-down shooters, soaked in as much neon as blood, have long been cult staples for the games industry so to hear that they’re coming to another platform is exciting, to say the least. Of course, much like when the collection came to the Nintendo Switch, it isn’t going to be available for us Australians.

Of course, this hasn’t come down from an official statement, but seeing that the game isn’t on our local marketplace while those in other territories are currently enjoying the game’s brand of high-octane mayhem, it’s clear enough what’s happening here.

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For clarity, it’s only Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number that’s banned in Australia, the first game has been available on a number of platforms for some time. It’s just a shame that the collection didn’t slip through the cracks of the system as it did for Switch, to be scooped up by opportunistic gamers.

Of course, there are ways for Xbox users to still get their hands on the collection, though we’d never encourage that kind of shifty behaviour.