Xbox Series X

People Look To Have Accidentally Purchased An Xbox One X Instead Of An Xbox Series X

With Xbox Series X pre-orders going live overnight in the US, it looks as though they had it just as bad as us (if not worse).

Interestingly enough, before launch there was a lot of chatter about how the Xbox Series X/S could easily be confused for Xbox One X/S, and it appears that that may have happened in the pre-order rush. It’s looking like a lot of people in the US purchased an Xbox One X on Amazon, with the sales rank going up 747% on Amazon over a 24 hour period (from 2,804 to 331).

It’s unclear if this was just due to confusion, which honestly, looking at the boxes I’d totally understand, or just due to people missing out on the Xbox Series X, then opting for the Xbox One X, but it looks like there’s going to be a lot of confused people either way once deliveries arrive in the next few days. The Xbox One X has now been discontinued, so this confusion hopefully shouldn’t last too much longer. Theoretically, by the time the Series X releases, the One X should be off shelves.

In the mean time, if you’re looking for Xbox Series X accessories/games to pre-order, we’ve got you covered HERE.

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EDITOR’S NOTE: An earlier version of this article stated that Xbox One X sales had increased by 747%. It was in-fact, the sales ranking on Amazon.

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