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EB Games Is Taking More Xbox Series X Pre-Orders For This Year

UPDATE: They look to be all gone now and the listing has been removed.

If you’re still looking for an Xbox Series X then you’re in luck. As of this moment, you can pre-order the Xbox Series X with EB Games for their 2020 shipment. You can grab one right HERE.

Unfortunately, it’s unclear when in 2020 you’ll receive it but we’d assume it to be very late November or early December, but having it before Christmas will definitely matter to a lot of people.

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Obviously, you can take advantage of EB Games’ VIP Trade Week which is currently happening at the moment too, to bring down the price of the console quite significantly.

It’s getting super exciting now. Both of the next-gen consoles are less than a week away. The Xbox Series X comes out on November 10th.