Halo Infinite Had A Big Multiplayer Showcase And Here’s Everything We Learned

Following a brief appearance during Xbox and Bethesda’s showcase yesterday, 343 Industries has released a more in-depth look at the game’s multiplayer overnight.

The overview, embedded below, shows off plenty of gameplay footage and confirms a heap of new series-first features coming to Halo Infinite alongside commentary from the studio staff with their finger on the pulse.

Although there’s a load of cool gameplay features shown off that were also noticed in yesterday’s multiplayer reveal, such as being able to use the grappling hook to pull weapons across the map, some of the coolest additions to Halo Infinite’s multiplayer is in its services and customisation features.

Being able to assign yourself a Personal A.I. with a huge variety of voices and aesthetics. Not only is it a neat visual flourish, not dissimilar from a Ghost in Destiny, but it also chimes in with moment-to-moment updates that’ll help shape the course of the player’s game. If a friendly player is returning to base with the enemy flag in hand, for example, your A.I. will alert you to this and suggest your accompaniment.

Halo Infinite

Aesthetic customisation will continue to play a big role in Halo as it always has. It’s supported across the game’s weapons, armour and vehicles. You’re also now able to customise the soldier under the armour, choosing from many body types and voices and, in a boon for inclusion, prosthetic limbs are now optional.

Equipment also sees a return to the series which feels like a welcome return that continually adds unpredictability to a lot of matches. They add a certain level of strategy and it’s a hard choice knowing whether to focus on power or mobility, it’s also cool to note that if you die without using your equipment, it can be collected and used by others so best not waste it.

Although there’s a battle pass in Halo Infinite, the developer was careful to clarify there are no random loot or loot boxes whatsoever. In a departure from other free-to-play battle pass models, any pass purchased in Infinite will remain the player’s and never expire. Furthermore, if you’re late to the party, past battle passes can be bought and worked through at your leisure which minimises the risk of missing out on cool gear which is a nice touch.

Halo Infinite

The Academy serves as an introduction for newer players to learn how to play Halo’s storied multiplayer modes. There’s a tutorial, shooting ranges and drills for different weapons, as well as a training mode you can use to freshen up for the fight. For the first time, Halo Infinite will also introduce bots of varying difficulty to the series, which I’m personally excited about as it provides a taste of multiplayer without having to play actual people.

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer suite, complete with cross-progression and crossplay between Xbox and PC, is expected to launch later this year.