A Local Legend Has Turned A Fisher Price Toy Controller Into A Working Xbox Controller That Will Conquer Elden Ring

New Zealand Twitch streamer Rudeism has created some wild controllers in his time. So many that I can’t ever remember most of them at this point, but a few that stand out are his banana controller, his lightsaber controller as well as beating Dark Souls with a single button, but this one takes the cake.

Whilst some of them have been crazier than this, this definitely feels like one of the coolest. The creator has turned a Fisher Price baby controller into a functional Xbox controller that he is now using to beat Elden Ring, just in case getting the controller working wasn’t enough.

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From the outside, the controller looks exactly like it originally did with even the original sounds of the controllers still functionality.

Obviously, as this is a baby’s first controller, so there’s way less buttons than needed on a functional controller (most notably only one analogue stick) but he’s explained how he’s done that below.

We’d highly recommend throwing Rudeism a follow on Twitter as his antics are just so fun to keep up with. You can do so HERE.