Halo Infinite Players Are Making Their Own Helldivers 2 Mode Using Forge

Halo from the other side.

No Helldivers 2 on Xbox? No problem! Some resourceful Halo Infinite players and creators have seemingly taken matters into their own hands, revealing a new mode in development using the game’s creative Forge toolset to bring the Helldivers 2 vibe to Xbox, and it’s called Helljumpers.

As picked up by the folks at Windows Central, a team by the name of The Forge Falcons has been working away at the mode and plans to launch it at some point in June, with the below map reveal trailer posted to social media:

Helljumpers will riff on the Helldivers 2 co-op PvE experience with a pretty impressive list of features including procedural objectives, in-game progression, upgrade systems, boss fights, extraction, drop pods “and much much more.”

The team at The Forge Falcons has been talking about Helljumpers for a while, and previously revealed some of what players can expect from the mode and how it bridges the gap between the Helldivers 2 experience and what’s possible using Forge. For instance, rather than being mission-based it’ll be a roughly 2-3 hour campaign with additional side content that takes players between different hand-crafted scenarios complete with their own cinematics.

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Interestingly, Helljumpers will also have its own original soundtrack by Sgt. Avel, and although Forge doesn’t allow for custom soundtracks, the plan is for it to be uploaded to Spotify so players can listen while they play through the game.

Previously, Phil Spencer had said that he’s “not exactly sure who it helps in the industry” for Helldivers 2 to not be available on Xbox, as the company geared up to launch four of its own exclusives onto PlayStation and Switch consoles. While the topic hasn’t really been broached at all by Sony or Arrowhead Game Studios, there’s always still the possibility that Xbox players will get to make their contributions to Managed Democracy in the future.