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Ninja Theory Reportedly Has Two More Games In The Works After Hellblade 2

No signs of a closure, yet.

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II is nearly upon us, launching tonight at 6PM AEST (which is also when you’ll be able to read our review), and following a message posted to social media from Ninja Theory’s studio head, Dom Matthews, thanking fans for their support, there’s been a fair amount of trepidation from internet denizens worried that a similar fate would befall the studio as has recently hit the likes of Arkane Austin and Tango Gameworks.

“Not so,” says a report from Windows Central though, with the outlet claiming that not only is Ninja Theory’s fate with the Xbox stable secure, but the studio is already two projects deep into its future with the previously-announced Project Mara as well as another secret project that’s already been greenlit by Microsoft. The outlet says that it’s been informed by “trusted sources” that there are no plans to close the studio, but given that Microsoft had said with its own mouth that it had no plans to close Arkane Austin less than a year ago, it makes sense that folks are cautious.

In case you’d forgotten what Project Mara is, which would be fair given it was revealed back in January 2020, at the time, it was described as “a real-world and grounded representation of mental terror, based on real lived experience accounts and in-depth research with the aim of recreating the horrors of the mind as accurately and realistically as possible.” Which definitely sounds like a fraught step even further into the territory the studio has attempted to wrangle so far when it comes to depictions of mental health and things like psychosis, but it’ll be interesting to see how it’s progressed in that time.

The studio’s recent message on X around the launch of Hellblade 2 reads:

“Hi Everyone, as we sit on the eve of the release of Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II I wanted to thank you, our fans, on behalf of everyone here at Ninja Theory. We see you and we hear you when you give us such love and support, when you tell us how much Senua means to you, when you tell us how much you are looking forward to the game and how much faith you have in us to continue Senua’s story in a way that does justice to the connection so many of you have to her and to Hellblade.

“From the very beginning of Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II we have had you in-mind and I truly hope that when you play the 2ndchapter of Senua’s story, you will find that familiar connection once again, and that also so many more people will find their way to Senua and her world too.

“Making video games is difficult. Much like Senua, we as a team have been guided by a conviction to achieve our quest: To make a game that sinks you deep into Senua’s world and to take you on a journey that leaves you thinking and feeling.

“I believe we have achieved our quest and I hope you’ll agree. I’m very proud of the game, very proud of our team and very proud of you, our fans, who have supported us on this magical journey.”