Starfield’s Shattered Space Expansion Will Explore The Game’s Most Interesting Faction

I'm a snake. Hisss.

You know the drill. There was an Xbox Showcase tonight (or this morning) (or even yesterday), and a whole bunch of information was revealed about Xbox’s first-party offerings.

While Starfield wasn’t my favourite game, the promises made by this upcoming expansion, titled Shattered Space, certainly position it to earn some more favour with myself.

The expansion will include a new quest line centred around House Va’ruun, the interstellar government formed around the worship of the Great Serpent.

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It will also include new weapons, new planets to explore, new spacesuits and new gear.

You can check out the new trailer for Starfield: Shattered Space below:

Despite releasing this year, the Shattered Space expansion does not have a release date. You can play Starfield right now, however, either by buying the game or playing it on Game Pass.