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Disco Elysium Refused Classification, Game Delays Galore & SteelSeries’ 20th Anniversary

On this special episode, we’re joined by Tony Trubridge, the Global Marketing Director at SteelSeries, to talk about the brand’s 20-year history. Before that though, we discuss our reviews of Monster Hunter Rise and It Takes Two, as well as weight into the latest delays and refused classification.

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00:00:22 — Monster Hunter Rise Review
00:05:26 — It Takes Two Review
00:08:53 — Disco Elysium Refused Classification in Australia
00:18:41 — More Unfortunate Game Delays
00:27:31 — Rapid Fire Q: WIll the Ghosts of Tsushima Movie Be Good?
00:28:09 — Interview: SteelSeries’ 20th Anniversary
00:01:02 — What the Wiki?!