Review: Diablo 3: Reaper Of Souls

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Reaper Of Souls is the highly anticipated first expansion of Diablo 3 and the latest release from Blizzard. Reaper Of Souls starts off with Mathael coming to claim the Black soul stone and finish the war once and for all. As Tyrael tries to defend the stone he sends the Haradrim to once again find the Nephalem so they can return to defend the world.

As you return to Westmarch you see the vile fallen angels work at hand as he reaps the souls of all the civilians. It is your mission to find out his plan and stop him before he goes too far. Even though people are happy to see you, they are also thrust into darkness. As all of this is happening there is a revolt going on, that you will have to piece together in order to find the answers. Every corner of this world has a story. Make sure you collect the notes and listen carefully or you may just miss something that will leave you gobsmacked.

Diablo 3 was already a stunning game and Reaper of Souls is no different. This expansion breathes new life into the game from the new monsters to new scenery. It all just helps expand the world a little bit more. You always heard of Westmarch from the Paladin but you never got to see it until now. After finishing Diablo 3 multiple times and started farming for days on end, you found the scenery to be repetitive and well, just boring. This expansion brings life to the game. It brings something new to the table and gives you a bunch of new things to look at that you hadn’t seen before. It inspires and immerses you into a world destined to die unless you help. It allows you to feel powerful and yet mortified by what is going on.

The music is bone chilling and sets the mood perfectly. Making you sit on the edge of your seat and feel absolute dread as you traverse the roads and halls of Westmarch. Blizzard have always been fantastic at setting a mood and they have once again nailed it with this new expansion.

This game brings refreshing looks into everything. From new loot to new heroes, but it is still the same game. Left click to move, right click to do strong attacks, and numbered keys for your skills. Although there are new skill slots, the game mechanics are still identical to Diablo 3 and that’s how I like them!

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Blizzard have turned off the auction house, so it’s back to farming for you if you want the best of the best items. They also added a new challenge game mode where you have to collect soul shards to finish a level and collect epic loot. This mode forces you to explore areas of the game you sometimes rushed straight past. It shows you the whole world one level at a time.

If you have played Diablo 3 then you will be ready to once again slave away for days to collect the most epic loot to finally complete your build. Only this time there is so many items you will find yourself lost for words.

With the new expansion comes a new class. The Crusader is a resourceful and valiant warrior who stands up for their cause. No task ever gets in the way of their mission. The Crusader is based on the Paladin class from Diablo II. They are a mid to close range melee hybrid. With mid range spells designed to cripple the opponent and force them to focus on you whilst punishing them for doing so. She has a lot of utility increasing the stats of allies whilst reducing the speed and damage of enemies; she is a must have in any team. She is best used as a major tank pulling focus from the enemies allowing the more damage focused classes like the Demon Hunter or the Wizard to go to work. Her story is revealed through speaking to NPC’s and listening as she quests for the fallen star.

Adding another chapter to the game, Reaper of Souls shows another side to the fight. The story is absolutely gripping and will keep you guessing the whole way through. The music will get into your bones and force you to play for just a little bit longer. The best part of this expansion is the fact that you get to explore somewhere new. No longer are we stuck in Tristram. No longer are you stuck following the same path you have since launch night of Diablo 3. You have somewhere new and somewhere exciting. New monsters and new loot are just the beginning of things you will find in this expansion.