A picture taken of an internal change log at Valve has leaked Left 4 Dead 3 and Source 2.

Whilst it has been speculated for a while, this confirms that the game is being worked on.

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  • Diego Arlek

    This confirms it, Valve is capable of doing a number 3! Half-Life 3, coming 2014!

    • HuskSnake

      why the hell is that THAT not out yet? Every time I see a sequel to a game by Valve that ISN’T HL3 really pisses me off. L4D is cool, but I’ll HL any day.

  • https://www.facebook.com/TheMattfish Matthew James Lewis

    Nick Kington


    Valve should have NO EXCUSES not to bring L4D3 to PS4 this time round!

    • XBO FTW!

      XBO ONLY!

      • JAFFMAN

        Naahhhhh those days are long gone. Valve will find the Xbone a lot more inhibiting then the PS4 this time around!

  • Nick

    Show some fuckin love for PS4 Valve, PS3 never got any L4D games.

    • XBO FTW!

      Buy an XBOX ONE. XBO FTW!!!

      • Rory Breslin

        as an xbox 360 man, you need to catch urself on XBO FTW, anyone who would go back to those treacherous scumbags at microsoft needs to get their head examined. PS4 FTW

  • https://www.facebook.com/FrostSabre Lorenzo Frost Sabre Miranda

    Half-Life 3 Confirmed

  • XBO FTW!


    • Theo Dule

      Dear Microsoft Employee,

      We love your windows but not your consoles:) thank you:)

  • Marcus

    They brought Portal 2 to the ps3 so I don’t see why wouldn’t bring LFD3 to the ps4…

  • HuskSnake

    ANOTHER ONE?! why the hell is HL3 not out yet? Every time I see a sequel to a game by Valve that ISN’T HL3 really pisses me off. L4D is cool, but I’ll take HL any day.

    • Chad

      “Another one?!” huh? There’s only been 2 games thus far… I could understand if it was Final Fantasy 26 or something lol.

      With that being said, I would like an actual storyline to go with the campaign this time around lol.

  • stopshortorgolong

    Why does everyone always turn it into a PS and MS debate? Who gives a shit because L4D4 will be coming to all platforms, maybe even the lonely Wii U will get some. I still want Half Life 3 myself. Been way too long between episodes.

  • james

    lel, console plebs are out in full force right now. valve will always support the steam platform above all others. consoles are killing the industry, and if you’re still supporting them, promptly kill thy self.