Aldi Is Bringing Out The Cheapest 75” 4K TV In Australia

If your first thought in 2018 was that you want one of the biggest TVs available for under $2000, well you’re in luck. Aldi, who have been known for some serious deals in recent times are bringing out their biggest TV ever.

It’s going to be 75″ in size and retail for $1,699. When comparing to JB Hi Fi’s prices, the cheapest 75″ 4K TV that they have for sale is a Hisense which is over $2,800. You’ll need to wait until Saturday, the 13th of January to head in store to grab it. I’m honestly not sure how quickly it’ll sell out. I can’t imagine the market for a massive TV at Aldi would be huge, but then again, this is the cheapest that a 4K TV of this size has been in Australia (to my knowledge).

Aldi’s Bauhn brand isn’t going to be the best quality that you can get, but apparently it’s not that bad, especially for the price. You get a 1 year warranty and 60 day satisfaction guarantee too.