FIFA 18 On Nintendo Switch Is Missing Some Key Features

It’s still unclear exactly what the Nintendo Switch version of FIFA 18 will look like but we’ve been given a pretty good indication by the reveal trailer.

The good news is that the game is releasing on the same date as all of the other versions (September 29th). You might think that this isn’t a big deal, but going off the previous third party track record on Nintendo Switch, it’s definitely a great starting point.

The bad news is that the game isn’t running on the Frostbyte engine (despite this being the second FIFA game to use that engine) and it won’t include the story mode either, which has been one of the real advancements of FIFA in the last few years.

This was discovered by Lord of Nintendo, Vooks. 

Further to this, I’m also sceptical about the fact that the game is even going to include a proper Ultimate Team mode, which is what myself and many others really want to be playing on the go. As you can see below, Vooks also found that the FIFA 18 Companion App doesn’t support the Switch version.

Honestly, I still have hopes for FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch. I’ll probably play it regardless, just because the convenience of being able to quickly jump into a match on the go is appealing to me, but it’s disappointing to see that EA probably aren’t giving Switch owners the respect they deserve.

All will (hopefully) be revealed at EA Play this weekend.



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