Cyberpunk 2077 Got Motherflippin’ Keanu Reeves To Drop Their Release Date

In the first of what we assume will be many phoned-in celebrity appearances during E3 2019, Microsoft blew the roof off of their theater presentation when, through the smoke, Keanu Reeves emerged. He’s one of the strangest cats in Hollywood, but damn we love him for it.

He featured at the tail end of the first trailer. which was brutal as hell by the way. It revealed his character, Johnny Silverhand, before he joined the stage. After working the crowd with relative ease, Keanu teased us with the hope of a release date before throwing to the screen once more.

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Another short trailer sizzled culminating with the release date of April 16, 2020, which is relatively soon considering most thought this might drift into next-generation. Though, it very well might still.