Gears 5 Gets An Angsty Billie Eilish Trailer Along With A Release Date

It wasn’t a known quantity just what form Gears 5 would take at Xbox’s conference, but it first arrived in the form of a short Billie Eilish complemented trailer that shows off Kait’s inner struggle. It’s angsty, it’s brooding and it’s everything we expect from something as dark as Gears.

It also does well to set the tone and feel for the game, which is set for release on September 10.

Rod Fergusson of the Coalition took to the stage to announce the news while detailing a new mode called Escape which sees you, in a small team of three, wading through a metric shit ton of Locust in sort of a twist on the Horde mode where, rather than holding your ground to survive the onslaught, you’re tasked with busting through and making your way out the other side. It looks hectic, to say the least.

A technical stress test for the game’s multiplayer is currently slated for late July.

Gears 5 is expected to release on Game Pass, like all other first-party titles.

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