Gears 5 Is Getting A Big Xbox Series X Upgrade That Replaces Marcus Fenix With Dave Bautista

You thought Insomniac replacing Peter Parker’s face in the next-gen version of Marvel’s Spider-Man was wild?

Well, staple your socks on because The Coalition’s big next-gen upgrade for Gears 5, releasing for both Xbox Series X and Series S, is set to give players the option of replacing series-lynchpin Marcus Fenix with the wrestling persona of Dave Bautista, whose ring name is Batista, throughout the entirety of the game’s campaign.

Dave Bautista isn’t exactly new to the game, his skin was initially unlockable for the game’s multiplayer, although it was a simple overlay for the Marcus Fenix character. This time around, the character will have an all-new voiceover done by Bautista himself. The move is an odd one but it originates from a wholesome place after fans rallied for the change in support of Dave Bautista’s tireless effort in getting a live-action Gears film, and more specifically his casting as Marcus Fenix, off the ground.

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While those efforts haven’t been fruitful, it’s nice to see Bautista getting his dues with a small gesture like this.

According to IGN, the game will also receive new difficulty modes—one of them is called Inconceivable so make of that what you will—new character and weapon skins, mutators, new achievements as well as a new game plus mode.

This update drops November 10 alongside the launch of Xbox Series X, while it’s also been said that a campaign DLC by the name of Hivebusters is expected to release sometime in December.