The Division 2 Is Venturing Beyond Washington In Three Upcoming Expansions

Ubisoft spent time some at E3 revealing their three planned expansions for The Division 2, which are all taking the fight beyond the confines of Washington D.C.

The first episode, which is coming in July, is called DC Outskirts: Expedition and offers a brand new game experience and takes the fight to the outskirts as you spearhead an attack on a presidential compound. The second expansion, coming in America’s ‘fall’, takes players to The Pentagon in a pack called The Last Castle. There’s also a third episode coming, it’s yet to be named, but it apparently places a focus on manhunts.

They also announced that The Division 2’s second eight-player raid is also coming in the fall, likely in line with the second expansion.

The Division is going to be free-to-play for everybody between June 13-16 so it’s a great time to give the game a try.