Press Start’s Most Loved: Gaming Moments

Heading into the next generation of gaming, the team at Press-Start are going to take a moment and reflect on some of the greats of gaming past. This time around each team member has a short piece on their best gaming moment. Obviously this is a tough decision to pick just one but the amazing team here has done just that. Every gamer has fond memories of gaming, it could be a touching moment in the plot, successfully beating a battle that you though was impossible or simply sharing a particular gaming moment with someone special to you. Here are ours.


Gonna go with a more recent example, the end of season 1 of The Walking Dead:

Emotionally wrecking, absolutely mind blowing and forever ingrained in my head. I have not met a single person who managed to sit through the ending without tearing up. The conclusion was just a magnificent crescendo of everything you’ve built up in the past five episodes, and I cannot think of a single time where I’ve ever been so emotionally invested into something since The Darkness (runner up goes to that game).


My best moment in gaming is hands down the Super Gravity Gun and the end of Half Life 2. Theoretical-physicist-turned-savior-of-humankind, Gordon Freeman, wades through the last waves of Combine Soldiers and Elites to get to Dr. Breen in the most baller manner I’d ever seen in gaming and ragdoll physics made it so much sweeter


One of my most memorable moments in gaming for me would have been murdering lllidan Stormrage; the final boss in The Black Temple of the Burning Crusade expansion of World of Warcraft.

I played a protection warrior and was one of the main tanks for my guild at the time. The fight took months to progress on and wasn’t an easy kill, which is probably the reason why it was so memorable for me. Nights spent at the peak of the black temple dead at the foot of Stormrage discussing various mechanics and ways to handle the abysmal 5 phase fight were in abundance, I still remember the nerd screams on Ventrilo that night; something I can’t forget.


My best moment has to be when I defeated Rypto in Spyro 2. The buildup to the battle, how all your friends are there to support you in some way or another and how the battle itself happens was absolutely epic to my young eyes. I mentioned this battle as my choice for best boss battle, and as it stands, defeating Rypto is the best moment in gaming. We also get a kiss on the cheek from Elora at the end, which was quite sweet.

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The best moment in gaming would easily be “No Russian” from Modern Warfare 2. Playing that mission gave me chills.


Back in 2008 I Imported Rock Band 2, for my birthday. It took a while, but I got to the point where I could compete competitively with a lot of the Rhythm gaming You Tubers on Expert Drums at the time. Part of that was trying 100% songs. Doing that to a difficult song at the time called Constant Motion, was one of the most difficult and rewarding experiences in my gaming life. Sure the Rhythm game hype may be gone for now, but those good memories and tough songs with friends will always stay with me.


Absolutely trawling though each fragment of my memory to pick a moment in gaming that symbolizes the best is no easy feat, not for me nor for anyone. However, it has to be done and the moment in gaming to me that is the best from my perspective would easily be completing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on the Nintendo 64. That amazing game was an epic journey in itself, fulfilling all of the side quests and ultimately bringing the evil Gannondorf to his demise. If memory serves it wasn’t even me who struck the final blow it was my dear baby brother. Concluding this amazing game was brilliant but what made it even better was sharing this adventure with my brother. Sharing this amazing game from beginning to end with one of the closest people to me is what cements this as my best moment in gaming.

Each team member has given you the very best moment in gaming from their perspective. We thoroughly hope you have enjoyed this insight and would love to hear your most treasured moments in gaming.