7 Horror Games To Be Excited About In 2016

Another year, another look at one of of gaming’s most exciting yet overplayed genre, the horror game itself. From fan projects to bigger, more ambitious projects, what’s in store for the genre that only the bravest dare play?[divider] [/divider]

RoutineIronically on my list for 2015, Routine still hasn’t seen release, most likely due to the tiny staff and huge workload behind it. A first person horror exploration game set on an abandoned Moon base, Routine looks to be a memorable experience with a strong setting, unique atmosphere and generally terrifying gameplay. Unfortunately there’s still very little information surrounding this game, but you can follow updates here.[divider] [/divider] Outlast-IIEasily a surprise hit of 2013, the first Outlast won recognition for it’s nonstop barrage of high tension horror and gore. Confirmation of a sequel has been revealed by developers Red Barrel themselves, and while it will not be a direct sequel, it does take place in the same universe. You can watch the trailer here, which is a short one minute clip of a burning cross whilst a man preaches Revelations. Looks interesting (possible setting in the south?) and considering the talent behind the first, could have a lot of potential.[divider] [/divider]Allison-RoadWhat started as a fan service love letter to Hideo Kojima, Guillermo del Toro and Norman Reedus’ project of Silent Hills cancellation is now turning into a fully fledged first person survival horror game, with funding provided by publisher Team17. While not much has been revealed outside of a short Alpha segment that is pretty much a homage to P.T, the full version will be significantly different to what Silent Hills would have been, while hopefully still containing the sheer terror that we saw in P.T. It’s hard to follow in the steps of Kojima and Del Toro, but hopefully we get a solid horror game that lessens the blow of losing P.T just a little bit.[divider] [/divider] PAMELAIt seems to be a pattern of highly ambitious horror games that have barely started development. Still deep in Alpha, PAMELA is a survival horror game exclusive for the PC. Set in a dystopian future ravaged by psychotic and sadistic enemies, it feels very Mass-Effect/Blade Runner like in terms of environments, but the atmosphere couldn’t be different. The Unity engine has never looked better, as there have been a few gameplay trailers which look absolutely gorgeous, and any PC player that enjoys horror games needs to have this on the top of their list. Fans of ambitious sci-fi horror games apply here.[divider] [/divider] KitchenVery little is known about Kitchen, the PS4-VR exclusive game that may not even come out this year. No gameplay is available, but players during 2015’s E3 have very memorable reactions to what could possibly be the most intriguing and most terrifying VR experience to date. Any fans of VR should keep a close eye on this one, and expect more to drop possibly around E3 again.[divider] [/divider] Friday-The-13thOh it’s happening. An official game based on the long running horror franchise with one of the most iconic horror characters, fans of the movie will be salivating to play this multiplayer only game, with 7 teen counsellors up for survival against Jason himself. The game is still in Alpha with very little revealed, but expect more polished gameplay videos to drop.[divider] [/divider]PerceptionA horror game with a truly unique premise: the main character is blind and relies on echolocation to sense her surroundings. This game comes from talent that had previously worked on games like Bioshock and Dead Space so there is some definite ambition behind this project, and the gameplay mechanics are definitely unique, with a Daredevil inspired premise and palette. Expect unique themes, original ideas and a hopefully memorable experience. With this kind of talent behind it, Perception is a definite one to keep your eyes on (pun intended).[divider] [/divider]