Our Most Anticipated Games Of May

TeamPicksMay-MehdiFor me personally there is no other game in the month of May that can stand up to Uncharted 4 when it comes to what games I’m anticipating most. Naughty Dog has given us some amazing games in the past, and Uncharted so far has pretty much sold me on the fact that it may outdo anything they’ve done before. The funny thing is, I’m not exactly excited for the game in a simple traditional sense, but more like it’s one of my most anticipated blockbusters of the year in theaters, which makes Uncharted the perfect example that Hollywood isn’t the only place for summer blockbusters.[divider] [/divider] TeamPicksMay-MattI was going to pick Doom. I really wanted to. But the open beta left such a sour taste in my mouth that I don’t think I even want to recognize it. So I’ve fallen back onto one of my classic loves, the Turtles. Given it’s been a while since a decent TMNT game, after seeing the trailer I was a little more excited for this action beat-em-up, and with the cel-shaded comic look it makes it even cooler. Decent games in this style are rare these days, so here’s hoping it retains the lightheartedness of the most recent TV show while still staying true to the core of the Turtles’ comics.[divider] [/divider] TeamPicksMay-JamesDOOM has been a game that’s on my radar ever since I tried Wolfenstein: The New Order all those years ago. I know there’s little in common at first glance beyond the publisher – but the way Bethesda and MachineGames managed to bring Wolfenstein back from the dead after many troubled attempts while still modernising it was encouraging. I’ve always preferred DOOM, so I’m excited to see how iD will update their (literally) iconic series for the modern day. It’s especially encouraging that both the campaign and multiplayer are getting the care and attention they deserve. Hopefully it all pays off.[divider] [/divider] TeamPicksMay-JakeAWords cannot describe how much I am looking for in this game. A Thief’s End is tipped to be the last entry of the series from Naughty Dog and I am absolutely positive it is going to rock us to our core. The expertise story telling from Neil Druckmann, the awe inspiring set pieces, visual fidelity, tight gun play and big name voice actors. Look out game of the year awards, your number one contender is about to enter the ring. Just please don’t delay it again on me.[divider] [/divider]TeamPicksMay-ShannonI’m obviously EXTREMELY excited about Uncharted 4, however I know that it’s going to be incredible. I’m more excited to see how the DOOM reboot turns out. From what i’ve seen, ID Software have done incredibly well to recreate an old-school game and bring it into the modern gaming world. It looks every bit as insane as the original games. I’m also incredibly excited for the multiplayer aspect. It looks like it is every bit as chaotic as the single-player portion and doesn’t take itself too seriously at all. [divider] [/divider] TeamPicksMay-EwanIt’s a decent month, but you’re kidding yourself if Uncharted 4 is not top your shopping list. I mean, c’mon, it’s UNCHARTED! It’s NAUGHTY DOG! That’s all I should have to say, but alas, that doesn’t make much of a paragraph. In all seriousness, this game’s had a bit of a rocky development but with the Last of Us writers and directors capping off Nathan Drake’s story and the power of the PS4 behind it, I’m sure this will be a tremendous end of an era. [divider] [/divider] TeamPicksMay-StevenValkyria Chronicles almost got lost to time. The first release was enjoyed by fans but sequels being on PSP and the third game never leaving Japan made it feel like we might not ever see more deep strategy in this gorgeous world. While it’s not a new title, this remaster will be a great way for new players to discover the series and I can’t wait to revisit Gallia. Who knows, maybe it will be the start of a wonderful revival?[divider] [/divider]TeamPicksMay-SarahAfter finally being given a proper release date for Australia and Europe, Fire Emblem Fates is almost here. The previous installment, Awakening, had me hooked on its unique blend of turn-based tactical RPG gameplay and dating sim elements, so I’m excited to see what Fates brings to the table. I’m expecting a lot of hours of gameplay, an immersive storyline and let’s face it… I’m hoping there are a lot of characters to ship.[divider] [/divider]TeamPicksMay-KevinFire Emblem: While my introduction into the fantastic tactical turn based series is relatively new, i was so impressed with Awakenings that I committed a grave sin and preordered the collectors edition of Fates. I expect nothing more than fantastic combat systems, wonderful characters and sharp and colourful graphics that will easily kill dozens of hours on my sadly neglected 3DS system.

  1. I’m definitely looking forward to Uncharted 4! I’ve been waiting for this game for so long and every time it got pushed back I died a little more inside 😛 Okay well maybe not to that extreme!! But its so close now I can’t wait!!

  2. Raiden V and DOOM are the best games in May. After playing the Uncharted 4 demo I wasn’t impressed, so I’m going to skip it. And already imported Goat simulator bundle edition exclusively on Xbox One.

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