Five PVE Upgrades That Destiny Needs Moving Forward

A few weeks ago, I spoke about why the most recent Destiny update was a huge step forward for the game. Now, I wanted to speak about how I think the game can be further improved, in particular the PVE elements.

STRIKE-SELECTION-MENUIt seems far too often now that as a lone guardian you find a match made team of three and arrive into a strike, only to have at least one of them quickly disapear. Guardians are now spending more and more time grinding particular strikes for particular items and they are more than happy to load in and out of strikes until they get the one that they desire.

I think it’d be much better to be able to have a strike selection menu as you are looking for other guardians and before loading into a full fire team. A choice of the strikes made available which each guardian picking one. This means that you won’t have a one in three random choice that will fall on the map you desire. It might not necessarily eliminate all of the disappearing guardians but it will certainly put an end to repeating strike missions. [divider][/divider]

THREE-OF-COINSUsing a Three of Coins increases your chances of having an Exotic Engram drop from killing an Ultra(Named) enemy. Whilst the increase is minimal, it is an increase none the less. It only so happens though that it isn’t effective on all named bosses, particularly the three Flayers in the Dust Palace Strike. It seems odd that killing these bosses will not activate the chance at an exotic even now that the strike has lost its exclusive time ownership to Playstation. I’ve also read another report claiming that defeating Omnigul in her strike will not active the chance at an exotic. Whilst I haven’t checked it yet, nor can I remember how true the claim is from the top of my head. The fact is that Three of Coins should be eligible for all named bosses.[divider][/divider]

MORE-CHROMA-COLOURSThe April Update saw more changes thrown into the mix and nothing was as fresh as the Sterling Package system. A treasure that once opened gave you a piece of armour that could be infused with one of four colours (white, yellow, blue and red) and the colour itself to fuel the piece of equipment. Four colours aren’t really a grand choice considering the spectrum of colours out there. Why not add a few more? Surely a purple, green or orange to throw into the mix couldn’t hurt. Even a colour selection slider for an increased Glimmer price would perfectly fit the bill.[divider][/divider]

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THE-RETURN-OF-OLD-CONTENTThe whole Destiny community harps and harps on about this but there is so much content for this game that is not getting the love and affection it deserves. Strikes on Earth, the Moon and Venus. Raids for Earth and the Moon. Sure you can do them if you really want to but in terms of rewards it really just isn’t worth your time. The raids may drop a year one exotic for your collection/bragging rights/grimoire but aside from that there is no current advantages for participating in them.

I suggest upgrading them. For the Strikes up the difficulty to the current highest level of 260 Light rating and have them yield the rewards that any other strike offers along with the chances of exotics. For the Raids, whilst it may be slightly more difficult have them drop appropriate light level loot for the corresponding difficulty. But have them drop into the pool of year two weapons that are still relevant to the games economy. Be sure to keep the chance at the raid specific exotics though.[divider][/divider]

CHOICE-OF-SOUNDTRACKLast September saw the introduction of The Taken King expansion which bought a world of change to Destiny. Whilst just about every change was a positive one, there is one change that still hurts me every time I boot up the game. With the launch of The Taken King, Bungie decided it was a great opportunity to change the opening soundtrack, I for one have never really liked this new soundtrack and would love to hear the original. So please, Bungie. Let us day one guardians pick what opening theme we get to listen too.[divider][/divider]

There you have it. 5 suggestions for Bungie to look at moving into the future, or to at least keep us entertained between now and the rumoured September update or expansion. What do you guys think? Would you like to see these changes implemented into the game? Do you have your own ideas? Let us know in the comments below.