The Witcher 3: Blood And Wine Is Absolutely Gorgeous

We recently got to spend 3 hours with The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine, which is the last expansion for the incredible The Witcher 3. What we didn’t get to go into in our preview was just how beautiful the new region.

Toussaint is famous for its wines and enabled by the volcanic soil. Players will immediately notice just how vibrant and lively the region is, rich in colour and light. Now if I had to guess, Toussaint is most decidedly based on France and its wine regions. If the knights with their accents weren’t yet a giveaway, the vineyards that scatter Toussaint most certainly are.

We’ve included a bunch of new screenshots below which show just how beautiful the new region is. The Witcher 3 has always been a visual feast, but Blood and Wine takes it to a new level..