I Have A Serious Problem With Fortnite

Folks, I have a serious problem with Fortnite. It’s a problem I feel millions of other gamers are currently experiencing and one that isn’t going to be solved anytime soon.

It’s of no real problem with the game itself. The massively popular, free-to-play game has taken the world by storm for good reason. The combination of a colourful art style, tight gunplay and easy-to-pick-up-hard-to-master building mechanics make it the strongest Battle Royale available. The surprisingly fun PvE mode, ‘Save the World’, is also worth the price of admission.

The game, still in ‘Early Access’ is a lot of fun, and quite polished despite being officially unreleased. My issue with the game is not an issue with its quality. Fortnite is good. Too good in fact. My problem is that I can’t put it down.

I might not be pissing in a bottle (yet) as I discussed in the audio below, but a certain minority evidently have an extreme case of Fortnite Addiction. We’ve all heard the stories: kids skipping school, staying up all night and filling containers with excrement to avoid prying themselves away from the screen. Fortunately, my symptoms aren’t so bad. My case of Fortnite Addiction thankfully hasn’t affected my bladder control, but it’s dramatically affected my ability to play other games.

span style=”font-weight: 400;”>I’m some 10-15 hours through God of War, a game already being put forward as a potential game of the year. State of Decay 2, a game I’ve been excitedly anticipating for years (and prompted me to subscribe to Xbox Game Pass) remains un-downloaded. This bothers me, but my love for Fortnite triumphs any temptation to play anything else.

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Perhaps there’s an element of peer pressure. I’m a member of at least two group chats where messages flood in each night as the squad assembles. One mention of playing something else or (God forbid) “spending time with your girlfriend” invites a scalding. You can’t let the squad down.

And then there’s the matter of “staying in form”. I don’t know why this specifically bothers me; I’m not good at Fortnite and I doubt I ever will be. However, my ability notably drops off when I take a day or two away from the game, and the reputation of always being the first team member to down is hard to shake. Besides, we all know it’s so much more enjoyable when you’re winning.

As far as addictions go, I could do a lot worse but there’s no denying Fortnite has me caught. They drop patches and new season content like bait and without hesitation, I bite. The Norse theme of God of War was not enough to reel me in, but you can bet I bought the Viking skins in Fortnite. I’ve fallen for it hook, line and sinker, and my pile of unplayed games is getting bigger.