Trials Rising Has A Very Unfortunately Titled Event

DISCLAIMER: The content of this story could be distressing for some readers as it deals with a heavy subject matter.

Trials Rising is certainly the best the series has offered so far. You can read our review here, but part way through the game’s globe-trotting campaign that sees you endure several punishing races, challenges and party events alike, there’s one particular event with a very unfortunate name.

The game has a series of race-heat stadium events that see your rider compete in a group of three elimination races that eventually crown an ultimate champion for the region. In what must be an unintentional faux pas, there’s an event in Indonesia called Bali Blast. To me, the obvious link here is the tragic 2002 bombings of Bali which claimed the lives of 202 people, 88 of whom were Australians.

An even more unfortunate similarity lies in the stage’s aesthetic which has a real nightclub and concert feel with speakers and strobing lights. Of course two of the three explosives detonated were in or outside popular nightclubs in the Kuta.

As an Australian, this instantly stood out to me despite how many years have passed. RedLynx is a developer that is based in Finland, so it’s almost certain that they weren’t aware of it and haven’t made the connection but it goes without saying that it’s certainly an unfortunate coincidence.